West London Garden

Charlotte Rowe Garden Design was asked to design a new garden following some major remodelling works to a family house in West London. The East-facing garden of 6 x 12 metres had previously been traditional in style but now that the house was to be redecorated in a contemporary classic style, the design for the new garden needed to reflect this. The owner had not fully used the end of the garden or the lower terrace area off the basement rooms; for this reason, an important consideration was to create a space which was fully optimised and used by all the family.

The solution was to create a contemporary style terrace and BBQ area at the lower level with bespoke seating, extensive timber screens covering the existing painted brick walls, dramatic lighting and a much widened staircase up to the main garden.

In the main garden the dining area was deliberately situated towards the end of the garden to encourage people to make a journey down to an area which was somewhat shady and had been unattractive in the past. It now feels lush, private and much more attractive. The dining area is visually divided from the first part of the garden by two peninsula planting beds with low specimen trees creating a soft barrier half down the garden which makes the garden seem larger. A series of planted rills further break the space up and soften the look of the garden. The planting is soft and lush, mainly shade tolerant using a limited palette of greens, limes and creams.