Party Garden in Chiswick

The owners of this garden, a young professional couple, were embarking on their first property renovation and wanted a really funky garden which provided a multi-level entertainment space, with a water feature, outdoor kitchen, dining area and a secondary seating area.

The ground floor of the house was to be dug down into the ground to provide really tall ceilings for the main living spaceĀ  this meant that the garden was at a higher level. Our design solution was to create a lower terrace just off the living room with the outdoor dining table and outdoor kitchen with two flights of stairs up to the main garden. To fully maximise the change in levels, we placed a long water feature across the garden and funnelled the water down one of the flights of stairs to a lit rill with the water re-circulating up again to the upper level.

On the upper level, a built-in seating area, which captures the evening sun, is enclosed by a feature wall and a back-lit glass panel. The far boundary of the garden is screened with a row of fastigate Carpinus betulus. At the lower level, the water feature continues into a lit rill and there are three enormous hand made urns which are also up-lit for maximum effect. One of the key briefs was to have lighting which was adventurous and spectacular. Both the glass panel and the lit rill have colour change lighting and the water feature and planting is lit to great effect.

The planting is simpleĀ  with tall yew (Taxus baccata) hedging along the boundaries and small principal bed with a clear stemmed olive tree under-planted with mixed planting using a white and tangerine colour palette.

The paving is mainly black basalt with the bridges over the water feature made of a pale cream limestone. The same cream limestone is used as the work top for the outdoor kitchen. The garden is East facing and measures 7m x 11m.