Large Estate in Yorkshire

Charlotte Rowe was commissioned to design the garden and landscape for a large estate in South Yorkshire. The whole estate is large and adjoins another family owned estate and garden with a seven acre site being given over to the garden and immediate environs to the house.

The client aimed to build a new home within the precincts of a disused farmyard converting some of the old farm buildings and placing a large new-build house next to them to provide an L-shaped family house. We designed an enclosed front garden to be built on a series of terraces down the steeply sloping site with a family dining terrace and bar area at the top, a series of grassed areas, a vegetable and fruit garden inter-connected by paths leading to a sunken fireplace garden off the interior swimming pool and a large greenhouse at the bottom of the site.

To the rear of the house is a large family garden, a children’s play area with a large woodland area and an area potentially for a tennis court. A running and quad track was also incorporated into the design.

Charlotte Rowe also advised on the planting of new trees throughout the site.