Country Estate in Southern England

Charlotte Rowe was commissioned to carry out the first stage of a major landscape project for a 400 acre estate on the North Downs of Southern England. We were to create a new garden around the old gardener’s cottage which is set into the walls of an 18th century walled garden of one acre which is also being reinstated. Our task was to integrate the newly renovated house with the walled garden and create a large family garden on the West facing side of the large brick wall of one side of walled garden. We created a self-contained garden, a new front garden and drive, integrating it into the surrounding landscape and provides proposals for the walled garden.

The site slopes down sharply to the surrounding hills so we created a raised terrace with views down to the main lawn, terraces and on to the countryside. The main garden had some formal beds and hedges to break up the space and a simple reflection water in the main lawn. We placed a ha-ha in between the lowest area of the garden and the fields and created a secret sitting area to the South of the walled garden with views across the South Downs. At the side of the house we created a long pergola to link the front of the garden and the rear and created some mown paths from the garden down across the stream running alongside the garden and into the woods.

On the other side of the house, we included a small terrace within the walled garden and began the work of recreating a walled garden with adjoining greenhouses for the changing needs of today’s modern family.