Private Roof Terrace in Chelsea

The owners of this house already had a courtyard at ground floor level which was their more public and visible outdoor space for family and friends, but they also had a lovely South West-facing roof terrace which they wanted to use as a more private space for their own enjoyment throughout the year. It leads off their study and private sitting room, but it would also need to double up as an additional entertainment space in summer.

Charlotte Rowe Garden Design worked closely with the client to create an outdoor sitting room and dining room in a classic contemporary style. The paving is a pale buff limestone and there is a large day bed and a tall hand-made screen in Western Red Cedar to the North. Black stemmed bamboo is planted in front of the screen to provide additional shelter from the wind. An integral dark stone dining table was designed for one end of the terrace and two plinths were built for sculpture. There is a black wall-mounted umbrella which provides protection from the sun.

The planting is mainly Mediterranean as it is South West facing and hot in the summer, including lavender, clear-stemmed olive trees and Italian cypress. Planters with Pennisetum ‘Hameln’¬†interplanted with Eryngium giganteum run along one side in front of the classical style balustrade. There is a low planter with thyme and Euphorbia cyparissias ‘Fens Ruby’ which creates a carpet visible when ascending to the roof terrace.