Riverside Terrace

Our clients had recently bought a lovely apartment in the newly developed former boathouse of a school by the River Thames close to London. One of the key features of the apartment was a good sized West facing terrace of around 50 square metres with lovely views over a park and the river. As this space is accessed from the main reception room and is visible all year around from within, it was crucial that this bare empty space was given some interest. Although the views were important to the client, there was also a need for some screening from the public park below as some privacy was needed while sitting on the terrace.

As it was on two levels, with the main lower level being the largest, we placed a dining area and two sofas with a firepit in the lower area with large planting containers all along the outer boundary by the balustrade plus more planters along the boundary with the neighbouring property. To create some interest, more planters were placed along the stairs down from the upper level including a large container for a beautiful multi-stem Cornus mas. The planting in all these containers has been designed to provide the screening needed with different levels and styles of planting including a Buxus hedge, a Choisya hedge and perennials and grasses for seasonal interest.

Two large pots stand against the wall by the dining table and stylish furniture from Italy and Belgium complete the picture.

A small East facing terrace off the master bedroom has soft planting, a beautiful Acer and more comfortable furniture