Kensington Garden

This 6 x 10 metre South-facing garden is located behind a large house in South Kensington but unusually opens up onto a major London street. For this reason it has particular issues the shade of the enormous London Plane trees on the main road beyond, the sight and sound of London traffic including double decker buses and privacy issues on either side.

The owner was also doing major works to their property including building a basement office and gym below half of the garden. Therefore the garden would need to have skylights from this new underground building and would also have some of the construction issues associated with roof terraces. As the owner is a keen cyclist, Charlotte Rowe Garden Design decided to build a bike shed at the end of the garden so that the bike could be brought straight off the street. The second benefit of this would be to further screen the main part of the garden from the noise of the street.

The bike shed and additional storage space at the end of the garden was made of slatted cedar with a frosted glass screen between, which is back lit and viewed through more open cedar slatting. Both buildings have green roofs planted with perennials and sedum.

Within the garden itself, two seating areas have been created, one made of the same stone as the paving and a darker polished concrete and the other with outdoor sofas and chairs. There is also a stainless steel BBQ built into a hand-made polished concrete counter.

The planting is mixed shrubs and perennials with climbers up the side trellis. There is lighting within the skylights in the ground to create glow and to provide more lighting to the basement room as well as up-lighting for the trellis.