Jet Black Garden

The owner of this Fulham house is a fashion designer and after some years in the house, she decided to overhaul and update the house with a major refurbishment. The style of the interior was to be minimalist with a colour theme of black/dark grey and deep walnut, using glass, basalt and timber to achieve this. She was keen to continue this theme into the 13m x 5m garden. The layout of the house was to be unusual with the main sitting room at the rear of the house, leading to the garden, so it was crucial that the look continued out into the garden.

Charlotte Rowe Garden Design decided to use a combination of dark coloured materials in the garden to achieve the effect: dark stained oak decking leading to dark grey/black granite, with black polished pebbles, as well as bespoke fencing in darkest grey.

The colour palette for planting in this small garden design was to be black, purple, with some limey green/cream. A strictly limited palette of plants were used to achieve this: Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ and Phyllostachys nigra for the black colour and structure was provided with clear-stemmed olive trees, Pittosporum tobira ‘Nanum’ and Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’. Trachelospermum jasminoides was planted along the boundary fences and purple perennials such as Angelica gigas, Salvia nemorosa and bulbs such as Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’ and Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ to provide the purple colour.

The lighting, which is a combination of subtle spots and dramatic up-lighting, combined with light washes in some beds makes the garden really come alive at night.

The final result is an almost seamless continuation of the style and colour of the house into the garden.