Holland Park Garden

This little garden opens on to one of the lovely communal squares in London’s Holland Park and for this reason it needed to look and feel in tune with the communal garden beyond. It is a reasonably shady space which was under-utilised by its owner due to its layout, so the brief for Charlotte Rowe Garden Design was to create a garden which looked good both from the owner’s first floor apartment and from the communal gardens, and which gave her more usable space.

The design solution was to create a good outdoor dining area on the sunnier side of the garden with an asymmetrically placed path running from the stairs leading down to the basement flat which also requires access to the communal garden via our client’s garden. The paving is a deep grey/black limestone with polished black pebble rills planted with Soleirolia soleirolii cutting into the paving to break up the space and soften it.

Fringing the paving and the path is a range of lush shade-tolerant plants including Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’, Libertia, Hellebores, Hebe and ferns. The planting palette is deep green and cream and is continued into a small part of the communal garden bordering the private garden which has also been replanted. The side boundaries have hand-made willow hurdle fences and the garden is subtly lit at night.