Chill-Out Garden

The owners of this garden had wracked their brains for years about how to improve their 7 x 20 metre garden so that both generations could enjoy it and use it more. Charlotte Rowe Garden Design was brought in to help achieve this. The design brief was to create a really beautifully designed space to complement the contemporary design of their house which could be used by as a family garden as well as an entertaining space for both the parents and for the two teenage daughters and their friends.

The design solution was to create three key areas: a dining area close to the house paved in dark grey granite with an outdoor kitchen, a large lawn area bordered by planting and a semi-enclosed sitting area at the end of the garden with a large timber bench surrounded by a raised planting bed, with a large low plinth table containing a firepit. The three areas are unified by a 12 metre long reflection water crossed by bridges of pale grey limestone which is stunningly lit for additional effect at night.

The planting scheme was designed to provide rhythm and repetition, using a palette of purples and deep russet. Key plants include Pittosporum tobira ‘Nanum’, Euphorbia x martinii, Buxus balls interspersed with small shrubs and perennials for seasonal interest and three multi-stemmed silver birches (Betula utilis var jacquemontii) which provide additional interest. Screening is provided by a row of tall Hornbeams which replaces a row of enormous Leylandii which had grown to such a height that they dominated this garden and all the surrounding gardens.

Lighting includes uplighters for the trees and key plants, underwater lights in the water feature and small LEDs in the stone bridges, which combined with the fire pit, creates a magical atmosphere.